Meet the artists who could
make you laugh out loud.rollover on the floor.giggle & drool.cry out loud.jump with tongue out.pee on your pants.


Rongen is the founder of Cartoonous. His keen eye for detail could turn any form into art. He’s been designing for almost two decades and currently combining his skills in design, marketing, and I.T. to help other businesses. Rongen knows a variety of illustration styles. However, drawing cartoons helps him keep a work-life balance. When he’s not drawing, he’s volunteering to teach children and youth with different abilities and conducting workshops. Click here to visit Rongen’s LinkedIn.

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Mands is an Architect, illustrator, and 2D artist based in São Paulo, Brazil. She started drawing at a very young age. Today, she’s popular on social media for doing ‘celebrity fan artworks’ where she draws famous people into Disney-style characters. Her drawing style is cute and stylish, highly inspired by Disney cartoons. Click here to follow her Instagram or visit her artstation.

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Roberlan works as an Art Director in many local advertising and design agencies in Brazil. He started creating artworks on a computer in 1993. His background in marketing and advertising complemented the extraordinary talent that made him popular amongst multi-cultural clients around the world. His works have been published several times. His greatest inspiration is his wife and their three beautiful daughters. Music is also Roberlan’s creative fuel. He couldn’t do amazing things without it. Visit Roberlan’s website to know more about him. Click Here

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Anita is an award-winning Irish artist and the only professional caricature sculptor in Ireland. She won the “Weddings Online” Award for Entertainer of the Year in 2013 for her live caricature entertainment/event. She creates original caricature artwork for any occasion. You may visit her personal website to know more.

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Arman is based in Dubai. He’s an architect and 3D modeler by profession.  He’s a top-notch painter since his grade school and was awarded as the best artist of the year 1996 in high school. He’s a jolly person and loves sports. His good character reflects from every art he does.  He knows traditional arts from charcoal painting to modern digital drawing.  His art style is realistic and digital drawing.

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Lam came from Vietnam. He loves everything about his beautiful country. He loves drawing beautiful sceneries and people. His passion in drawing makes him appreciate life more. Lam would like to share that great joy and love through his works by turning you into ‘Simpson style cartoons’ or also known as yellow-people.

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Dumas is a professional Pop-Art Portrait Artist, Vector Cartoonist, and Interior Designer. He lives in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. His art interest is internationally known as WPAP. WPAP (Wedha’s Pop Art Portrait) is a modern art style with lively colours that gives a perfect blend to the shape of the face. The unique characteristic of this art is it has no curve line, no round shapes and doesn’t show a skin tone colour. The colour combinations and balance are determined from different intensities of light, contours, and shadows.

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Clynn is from Hanoi, Vietnam. She love’s turning portraits into cute chibi characters. Her inspiration comes from her childhood and affectionate people around her. She loves listening to music while painting. You could also connect with her through her facebook page.

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