What type of photo do I need to send?

Preferably a portrait, but a full body image will do as long as your face can be seen clearly. Please send us a raw-camera JPG file (medium to high resolution) or not smaller than 1500pixels width. Photos must have a proper lighting. Please don’t send us a facebook profile thumbnail size as it’s really small and blurry.
You may also attach a ZIP file with multiple photos for reference. The “upload image” button can be found on the order form. If there’s an issue with your file, we will inform you immediately.

I don’t have Paypal & credit card, do you accept other modes of payment?

Please contact us or call +673-8869358 if you’d like to pay by cash/cheque (person-to-person) or through cash deposit machine (CDM), wire transfer (bank-to-bank). Please note that you’ll be responsible for any bank charges.

When will I receive my order?

Normal orders are processed within 4-5 days.  If our artists are not busy, the fastest is 2 days.

Can I have my order within 24 hours?

Sorry, we do not accept rush orders.  We would like to offer high-quality artwork and at the same time give work-life-balance to our artists.

Can I order a cartoon/caricature in a frame?

Yes. However, delivery is subject to assessment based on your country and location. Available sizes, lamination, type of frame and shipping amount will be determined by our international partners. Please contact us to receive a quotation.

I’m also a cartoonist, how can I join your team?

We invite you to send us your portfolio. We are always looking for someone with the different style of drawing. If you can turn people into minecraft, lego, anime or editorial cartoon style, please come on board.